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MANA TAIAO LTD is a Maori owned company specialising in instigating and managing projects in the areas of:

  •  innovative high-tech solutions with a particular emphasis on communications and broadcasting
  •  business solutions
  •  environment and bio-tech development
  •  Maori perspective or Maori issues consultation, research and development 

MANA TAIAO and its associated companies provide:

  •  project definition, identification and management
  •  research co-ordination
  •  monitoring, analysis and report writing
  •  ministerial and other appropriate lobbying
  •  strategic planning and facilitation of the marketing and commercialisation of activities as needed

MANA TAIAO operates with the assistance of an extensive network of personal contacts and associates throughout the Maori world. The network has been patiently established and is constantly serviced by the principals of MANA TAIAO, Buddy Mikaere and Graham Pryor. The network and the working relationships established within that network are regarded as the Company’s most important asset.