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Mana Taiao operates nationally with a “virtual office” nominally based in Auckland. Specialist and research staff are contracted in as required.

Mana Taiao Ltd operates in tandem with, and funds, the Mana Taiao Charitable Trust. The purpose of the Trust is to provide assistance by way of study grants to selected Maori tertiary students seeking qualifications in the fields of science and medicine.

The original decision behind the formation of MANA TAIAO was to meet the perceived market need for an organisation to facilitate the mix of iwi aspirations and scientific research. This initial focus was the result of a collaboration with Crown Research Institute MANAAKI WHENUA – LANDCARE RESEARCH. However the company has quickly expanded beyond that particular area of operations and boldly seeks innovative opportunities in other fields.

Having worked together previously on projects involving the expansion of Maori broadcasting activities with an emphasis on improving radio in particular, the success of MANA TAIAO's principals in this area reflects their previous business activities in private consultation and strategic planning.

Both principals have developed an impressive network with iwi and iwi organisations throughout the country and are well respected by all those they have worked with over the years. Their extensive network is regarded by them as being MANA TAIAO’s number one asset.

Buddy’s expertise lies in strategic planning and the facilitation of ideas. Graham’s strengths are in the area of sound business practice with a strong emphasis on the financial aspects.

Buddy and Graham can whakapapa to most of the central North Island iwi – Buddy to Ngati Pukenga and Ngati Ranginui and Graham to Ngati Rangitihi. Both are fortunate to have come from families who valued education and did all they could to ensure their children took advantage of the education opportunities available.

Through the activities of the MANA TAIAO CHARITABLE TRUST it is hoped to make similar opportunities available to others.